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> (zurück) < 0-9  Tanzname Choreograph
  1' 2' 3' Waltz  Val Myers
  1000 Years (or more)  Martin Ritchie
  1-2-3-4  Niels Poulsen
  2 Lane Highway   Gary O'Reilly
  29 Nights  Michael John Snr.
  5-6-7-8  Rodeo Ruth
  6, 8, 12 (3 of Heart)  Paul Mc.Adam
  7th Wonder Cha  Daniel Whittaker
** Neu ** 7 Summers With You  Dan Albro ** Paartanz **
> (zurück) < A  Tanzname Choreograph
  A Country High   Norman Gifford 
  A Cowboy and a Dancer  Peter Metelnick & Alison
  A Devil In Disguise  Alan G. Birchell & Patricia E Stott
  A little close to Comfort  Dee Musk
  A Single Moment  Aiden Montgomerey
  AB AB  Val Myers
  AB Chilly Cha  Lesley Clark
  A-B Rocker  Val Myers & Deana Randle
  A-B Rumba  Karen Hadley
  A-B Ticket  Val Myers
** Neu ** AB Wild Hearts  Steve Cavanaugh
  Action  Darren Bailey
  Addictet to Love  Max Perry
  Adalaida  Gary O'Reilly
  After Midnight  Judy McDonald
  After the Storm  Tiny Argyle
  Ain't Going Down  Choreograph unbekannt
  Ain't No Way  Jan Brookfield
  Alabama Slammin'  Rachel McEnaney
  Alice  Daniel Whittacker 
  A Little Bit Gipsy  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
  A Little Bit Lit  Rob Fowler
  A Little Human  Suzi Beau 
  A Little Love Trip  Vikki Morris & Julie Lockton 
  Alive & Kickin  Daniel Whittaker
  All Aboard  Max Perry & Jo Thompson
  All About You ( P )  Bill & Cindy Curtis **Paartanz**
  All Day Long (Mr. Mom)  Gary Lafferty
  All God's Children  Yvonne Anderson
  All Night Long  Robbie McGown Hickie
  All Shook Up  Naomi Fleetwood
  All Week Long  Peter Metelnick
  Alligator Shuffle(Redneck Girl)  Dan&Kelly Albro **Paartanz**
  Alter Ego  Karl-Harry Winson
  Amame  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Amazing Faith  Rob Fowler
  American Kids   Randy Pelletier
  American Ride  Margo LaMotta
  And Get It On  Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Van
  Angel Of  The Night   Lorna Mursell
  Another Song  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
  An Absolute Dream  Joyce Plaskett
  Anti Hero  Yvonne Zielonka
  Any Man of Mine (Canadian Stomp)  Choreograph unbekannt
  Are You Missing Me  Ron Bloye
  Are You With Me  Andreas Müller 
  Ashes of Love  Gary Lafferty
  Aspire  Bracken & Linda Ellis
  At the Hop  Carmel Hutchinson
  Ay Amor  Ria Vos
> (zurück) < B Tanzname Choreograph
  Baby Blues (Blues about Me)  Tina Argyle
  Baby Cha  Kate Sala
  Baby Kisses  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Baby likes to Rock it  Choreograph unbekannt
  Baby Ride Easy  Dynamite Dot
  Back To The Start   Hayley Wheatley
  Baby Why Not Tonight  Kat Painter
  Backroad Nation  ( That's Us )  Diana Dawson
  Shouting To The Monsters  Niels Poulsen
  Bad Habits  Maggie  Gary O'Reilly
  Bad Moon on the Rise  Alison Biggs
  Badda Boom Badda Bang  Karen Hunn
  Bahama Mama  Max Perry
  Ballymore Boys  Dynamite Dot
  Banca Cha  Raymond Sarlemijn
  Bare Essentials  Carly Dimond
  Barefoot and Buckwild Booze Cruise  Judi Bisher - Schuler **Paartanz**
  Barn Dance  Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley Matteis **Paartanz**
  B-Bop A Lula  Chris Hodgson
  Beautiful Day  Gaye Teather
  Beautiful You Are  Brenda Shatto
  Be Happy Now  Roy  Verdonk & Sebastian Holtland 
  Be Strong  Audrey Watson
  Beer for my Horses  Christine Bass
  Beethoven's Boogie  Rob Fowler
  Before the Devil  Alan G. Birchall
  Best of Friends  John & Jean Miles **Paartanz**
  Better Life  Peter Metelnick
  Better Of (I'm from the Country)  Joerg Hammer
  Better With A Girl Like You Greg and Samantha Van Zielen **Paartanz**
  Big Bang Boogie  Michele Burton
  Big Blue Tree  Ria Vos
  Big Girl Boogie  Mavis Broom
  Big Jimmy  Kate Sala & Robiie McGowan H.
  Billys Dance  Pierre Mercier **Paartanz**
  Birmingham   Jo Thompson
  Black Coffee  Helen O'Malley
  Black Horse  Kate Sala
  Blackpool by the Sea  Gaye Teather
  Black Velvet  Linda de Ford
  Blue Finger Lou  Max Perry
  Blue Night Cha  Kim Ray
  Blue Rose   Darrel & Doris Aldrich **Paartanz**
  Blurred Lines  Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk
  Bobbi with an I  Rachel McEnaney
  Bobbie Sue  Alice Daugherty
  Body & Soul  Barry Durand
  Body Shaker  Heidi Hlousek
  Bomshel Stomp  Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges
  Bonaparte's Retreat  Maddison Glover
  Boom Cha  Rob Fowler
  Boot Scootin' Boogie  Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair
  Born To Love  Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben 
  Bored   Ria Vos
  Bosa Nova  Phil Dennington
  Both Eyes Open   Louis Lightfoot ** Paartanz **
  Bounce  Barry Durand
  Boyfriend of the Year  Yvonne Anderson
  Bread and Butter  Roz Morgan
  Break it back Down  Dwight Meessen 
  Break Away  Max Perry
  Bridge Over Troubled Water  Peter Metelnick & Alison
  Bring On The Good Times  Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 
  Broke  Michelle Wright
  Broken Heels  Jo & John Kinser
  Broken Stones  Dee Musk
  Brokenheartsville  Peter Metelnick
  Brown Eyed Girl  Maggie Cadwell
  Bucket Seats  Dan Albro **Paartanz**
  Bumb' n Grind  Jo Thompson & Jamie Davis
  Burning Love  Christian Sildatke
** Neu ** Butterfly  Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz **
  Be Bye Bye  Andreas Müller
> (zurück) < C Tanzname Choreograph
  C.C.S. (If i never stop Loving you)  Tracey Davis & Joerg
  Cabo San Lucas  Rep Ghazali
  Cabo San Lucas Por Dos ( For Two )   Barb & Dave Monroe **Paartanz**
  California Blue ( Musik: Nothing But You )   Dan Albro **Paartanz**
  California Blue  Jean Bridgeman
  Calypso Mexico  Ria Vos
  Canadian Stomp (a.k.a. Snake Oil)  Choreograph unbekannt
  Candi Cha  Gary Lafferty
  Cannibal Stomp  Lisa Firth
  Can't let Go  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Can't stop Loving You  Andy Skidmore
  Caribben Desire  Chris Godden
  Carnival  Gary Lafferty
  Casanova Cowboy  Rob Fowler
  Castles  Maggie Gallagher
  Catch The Rain  Peter Metelnick & Alison
  Caught in the Act  Ann Wood
  C'est La Vie Baby  Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson
  Cecilia  Willie Brown & Heather Barton
  Cha Cha One  Sho Botham
  Cha Cha del Rio Larry Boezeman **Paartanz**
  Cha Cha Slide  Mr. C
  Cha Cha With Me  Niels B. Poulsen
  Champagne Promise  Tina Argyle
  Charanga  Rachel McEnaney
  Chasing Down A Good Time  Dan Albro 
  Chattahoochee  Choreograph unbekannt
  Checker Samba  Yvonne Zielonka
  Cheech and Chong Cha  Johnny Two Step & Alan Clark
  Cheek To Cheeky  Cheeky Choreographers **Paartanz**
  Cheerio  Roy Verdonk
Cherry Bomb  Rob Fowler
  Chica Boom Boom  Vikki Morris
  Chicken Fried Stomp  Yvonne Zielonka
  Chill Factor  Daniel Whittaker
  Clickety Clack  Kathy Hundai
  Coastin  Ray & Tina Yeoman
  Coconut Cha  DJ Dan & Wynette Miller **Paartanz** 
  Codigo   Pat Stott
  Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights  Ivonne Verhagen
  Cold Heart  Maddison Glover
  Come Dance with Me  Jo Thompson
  Commitment  Amanda McCulloch
  Confidentially  Rob Fowler
  Contra Clap / Like it's Christman  Eva Herrmann, Daniel Wielinski & Sascha Wolf
  Copperhead Road  Drunken Cowboy
Cooler Than Cool  Niels Poulsen
  Corn  Rob Fowler

Corn Don't Grow

 Tina Argyle
  Cotten Eyed Joe  Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz**
  Cotton Picking Time  Steve Mason
  Country As Can Be  Suzanne Wilson
  Country Bump  Darren Bailey
  Country Girl Shake It !  Yvonne Zielonka
  Country Two Step  Masters in Line
  Country Walkin'  Teree Desarro
  Cowboy Cha Cha  Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche **Paartanz**
  Cowboy Charleston  Choreograph unbekannt
  Cowboy Cowboy  Dan Albro
  Cowboy Man  Mona Arvidson
  Cowboy Up  Shannon Finnegan
  Cowgirl Twist  Choreograph unbekannt
  Coyote Sing  (Un Momento Alla) John Gregory & Jean Garr
  Crash and Burn  Gail Smith 
  Crazy  Neville Fitzgerald
  Crazy Foot Mambo  Paul McAdam
  Crazy Legs  Greg Underwood
  Cruisin  Neil Hale
  Crystal Touch  Claire Bell and Maddison Glover
  Cry To Me  Paul McAdam
  Cucaracha  Hank & Mary Dahl
  Cut A Rug  Jo & Rita Thompson
  Cute Cute Cute  Kathy Gurdjian
> (zurück) < D Tanzname Choreograph
  D.H.S.S.  Gaye Teather


 Rob Fowler  
  Dance like you're the only One  Teresa & Vera
  Dance Monkey  Alison Johnstone
  Dance with the One that Brought You  Michelle Risley
  Dance Without A Partner  Niels Poulsen
  Dancing Boots  Dancing Boots
  Dancing in the Dark  Jo Thompson
  Dancing On The Boulevard  Frank Mitchell
  De Lux  Michele Perron
  Deal with It  John H. Robinson
  Deck 51  Ed Lawton
  Derailed  Peter Metelnick
  Devotion  Maggie Gallegher
  Dig Your Heels  Maddison Glover
  Dirt Road Dancing  Rob Fowler
  Disappearing Bubbles  Gaye Teather
  Disappearing Tail Lights Alison & Peter Metelnick
  DISCO  Cindi Talbot 
  Dizzy  Jo Thompson
  DN Waltz  Niels B. Poulsen
  Done  Darren Bailey
  Do ' Ya  Mark & Jan Carley
  Doo Wop  Jan Wyllie
  Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo  Gaye Teather
  Do You Love Me  Rob Fowler
  Docter Docter  Masters in Line
  Dog & Bone  Kate Sala
  Doin' it Right  Rachel McEnaney
  Doin' My Thing  Yvonne Zielonka
  Doin' OK  Heidi Hlousek
  Domino  Rachel McEnaney
  Don’t You Wish  Daisy Simons
  Don't Look Good Naked   Eddie Huffman
  Don't Feel like Dancing  Patricia E Stott
  Down on the Corner  Peter Metelnick
  Down To The Honkytonk  Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood
  Drawbridge Rendezvous  Phyllis Cannon-Whipple
  Dream Lover  Daniel Whittacker
  Dream on  Rob Fowler
  Drift Away   Rob Fowler
  Drifteway Cha Cha  Peter Metelnick
  Drunk Lovers  Dan Albro **Paartanz**
  Duck Soup  Frank Trace
> (zurück) <

E Tanzname

  E Z (Limbo Lady) Rob Fowler
  Eagles Rock  Gaye Teather
  East Bound and Down  Kathy Hunyadi
  Eatin' Right, Drinkin' Bad  Max Perry
  Echame La Cilpa  Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk
  El Paso (Neon Moon)   Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz**
  Electric Reel  Robert Padden & Regina Padden
  Electric Slide  Choreograph unbekannt
  Empty Pockets   Michele Burton & Michael Barr
  Enchantment  Jo Thompson
  Evergreen  Karen Hunn
  Everybody Knows  Jane Thorpe
  Everybodys Someone  Maggie Gallagher
  Every Time She Walks By  Heather Barton
** Neu ** Everywhere  The Highlander
  Except Monday  Diana Dawson
  Ex's and Oh's  Amy Glass
  Eyes Wide Open  Lois Lightfoot
> (zurück) < F Tanzname Choreograph
  Faith, Hope and Love  Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  Feel the Magic  Gary Lafferty
  Fenua Maohi E  Derrick & Terry
  Feels Like CPKS  Lindy Bowers & Larry Bass 
  Firecracker  Robert Lindsay
  Fireflies   RAW
  Fishers Hornpipe  Val Reeves
  Fishing in the Dark  Wendy Lorek
  Fling Thing  Heidi Hlousek
  Fly High  Maggie Gallagher
  Flobie Slide  Flo Cook
  Fools in Love  Karl-Harry Winson
  Footloose  Rob Fowler
  Forever And A Day  Patricia E. Stott
  Four Minute Kick  Yvonne Zielonka
  Freakin You  Choreograph unbekannt
  Friday At The Dance  Rob Fowler and Laura Sway
  Friends with Tractors  Yvonne Zielonka
  Funky Cha Cha  Barry Durand
  Funky Kids  Jackie Jacotine
  Future Husband  Jolanda Korpershoek
> (zurück) < G Tanzname Choreograph
  Galway Girls  Chris Hodgson
  Geronimo Easy  Gary Parker
  Get In Line  Tom Mickers
  Get Trashed  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyadi
  Girl Crush  Alison Johnstone 
** Neu ** Give Me Shivers  Julia Wetzel
  Gypsy Queen  Hasel Pace
  Golden Wedding Ring  Severine Fillion 
  Go Country  Lisa M. Jones-Grose 
  Go Mama Go (Let your Mama Go)  Kate Sala & Robbie
  Gone West Gary & Maggie O'Reilly
  God blessed Texas  Shirley K. Batson
  Good Bye Eyes  Wil Bos
  Good ByeFor Now  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  Good Time  Jenny Cain
  Good Time Girls  Karen Kennedy
  Good Rockin' Tonight  Audrey Gendre & Jeremie Tridon
  Got My Baby back  Maggie Gallagher
  Got to be Funky  Dawn Beachcam
  Graffity  Karl-Harry Winson 
  Greater Than Me  Maggie Gallagher
  Great Unknown  Maggie Gallagher

Groovy Love                     

 Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat
  Grundy Galop  Jenny Rockett
  Gypsy  Mary Kelly
> (zurück) < H Tanzname Choreograph
  Half A Cha  Rob Fowler
  Half Past Nothin'  Neville Fitzgerald
  Half Past Tipsy  Maddison Glover
  Happy, Happy, Happy  Angeles Mateu Simon
  Happy Circle  Judy McDonald **Paartanz**
  Happy People  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 
  Hardwood Stomp  Jo Thompson
  Havanna Cha   Ria Vos
  Head Over Boots  Dan Albro **Paartanz** 
  Head Over Heals   Wayne Benzley
  Head Phones  Maggie Gallagher
  Heads or Tails  Barbara J. Mason
  Heart of an Angel  William Brown
  Heartbreak Express  Peter Metelnick
  Heartbreaker  Kate Sala
  Hearts and Flowers  Adrian Chum
  Heavy Heart  Linda Sansoucy ** Paartanz** 
  Heaven Sent  Yvonne Anderson & Ashley Knowles
  Heels & Splits  Michelle Risley
  Helluva Polka  Kathy Hunyadi
  Here We Go  Gary & Maggie O'Reilly
  Hey Brother  Gudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke
  Hey Girl  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
  Hey Ho  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson 
  Hickory Lake  Ron Welters
  High Cotton  Niels Poulsen
  High Time  Neville Fitzgerald
  Higher & Higher  Max Perry
  Highway Honky Tonk  Phyllis Manier 
  Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll  Sheila Vee
  Holding back the Ocean  Peter Metelnick
  Home  Nicola Lafferty
  Home on the Range  Nicola Lafferty
  Homegrown  Rachel McEnany
  Hooked on Country  Choreograph unbekannt
  Hot Love  Maggie Gallagher
  Hot Potato  John H. Robinson
  Hotshot  Myra Harrold
  Hot Tamales Jr.  Jo Thompson Szymanski
  Howling At The Moon  Roy Verdonk & Sebastian Hotland
  Hung Up  Gary Lafferty
  Hush Hush  Graham Mitchell
> (zurück) < I Tanzname Choreograph
  I'm Already Gone  Magie Chabret
  I am Me  Willie Brown 
** Neu ** I'm on my Way  Maggie Gallagher
  I'm Stuck  Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk
  I can' Be Bothered  Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher
  I can take It From There  Rosalee Musgrave
  I don't Want Tonight  Will Graig
  I Got A Girl  Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence
  I Guess That I Do   Emily Drinkall
  If You Need Me   Pat Stott
  I Kissed A Girl  Yvonne Zielonka
I like it I Love it  Choreograph unbekannt
  I Love A Rainy Nigth  Iris M. Mooney
  I'm A Tornado  Lesley Clarke
  I Need To Know  Pedro Machado
  In The Morning Sun  Ivonne Verhagen & Jose Miguel Veloque Vane
  Ice Breaker  Mary Kelly

Ice Cold Corona                 

 Pat Stott

I Close My Eyes              

 Hazel Pace 
  In The Name Of Love  Jo Thompson
  Inspiration  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Into the Sunset  C.S. Richards
  Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot
  Island in the Stream  Karen Jones
  I See Me  Tina Argyle 
  It's Easy  Geoff Langford
  It's All Abot The 3 Steps   Jose Miguel Beloque & Roy Verdonk
  It's Hard to be A Hippie  Diana Dawson
  It's up to You  Kim Ray

I’ve Been Waiting For You                

 Alison Johnstone & Joshua
  I've Seen It All   Gary O'Reilly
> (zurück) < J Tanzname Choreograph
  Jailhouse Creole  Double Trouble
  Jamaica Me Cha Cha  Joe Thompson Szymanski **Paartanz**
  Jesse James  Rachel McEnaney
  Jitterbuggin'  Bunny & Bruce Burton
  Jive Walkin'  John Robinson
  Joana  Xose Massotti
  John 3:16  Yvonne Zielonka
  Jose Cuervo  Max Perry
  Jukebox  Jo Thompson
  Jungle Freak  Pedro Machado
  Just 4U  Mick Cook ** Paartanz **
  Just a Kiss  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Just Add Moonlight  Maggie Gallagher
  Just A Little Love  Maggie Gallagher
  Just A Memory  John Dean & Maggie Gallagher
  Just Another Woman   Lesley Clark
  Just for Grins  Jo Thompson
  Just Take Me Away  Seabastian Holtland
> (zurück) < K Tanzname Choreograph
  Keep it Burning  Craig Bennett
  Keep it Simple  Maggie Gallagher
  Keep Your Eyes On Me  Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben
  Kick and Rock  Pedro Machado
  Kick' n Swing (Family Tree)  Peter Schwan & Heidi Hlousek
  Kid Rock Alabama  Heidi Hlousek
  Kill the Spiders  Gaye Teather
  King of the Road  Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson
  Knockin' Boots   Hana Ries
  Kiss Me Honey  Maggie Gallagher & John Dean
  Kiss Tomorrow and Say Goodbye  Yvonne Zielonka
  Knee Deep  Peter Metelnick & Alison
> (zurück) < L Tanzname Choreograph
  La Fiesta Cubana   Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat
  Lah Le Dah ( Down at the Lah Le Dah )   Kevin Richards
  Lay Low  Darren Bailey
  Leaving of Liverpool  Maggie Gallagher
  Left In The Dark  Vivienne Scott
  Let' er Rip  Peter Metelnick
  Letting Go  Yvonne Zielonka
  Lettin' the Night Roll  Yvonne Zielonka
  Lightning Polka  Peter Metelnick
  Lindi Shuffle  Jane Smee
  Lipstick, Powder and Paint  Stephen Rutter 
  Little Bit Cajun  Rob Fowler
** Neu ** Little Rumba  Donna Laurin
  Little Red Book  Dee Musk
  Little Tattoo  Maxwell
  Live, Laugh, Love  Rob Fowler
  Living On Love AB  Lindsay Ryan
  Locklin's Bar  Maggie Gallagher
  Lonely Blues  Rachel McEnany-White
  Lonely Drum  Darren Mitchell
  Long Gone !  Teresa Lawrence, Vera Fisher, Dee Musk & Vivienne Scott
  Look What God Gave Us   Dan Albro  **Paartanz**
  Lookin' for Trouble  Peter Metelnick & Alison
  Loreley  Countrybell Manuela Bello
  Louisiana Swing  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Love 2 Cha Cha  David Sinfield
  Love  Ain't   Darren Bailey
  Love In This Club  Yvonne Zielonka
  Love is A Word  Maggie Gallagher
  Love Like Thunder   Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
  Love You Cha  Grace David
  Love You Now  Maggie Gallagher
  Love Lock   Ole Jaconson & Nina K.
  Love Trick  Rachel McEnaney
  Love's Gonna Make It   Dan Albro  **Paartanz**
> (zurück) < M Tanzname Choreograph
  Mad 4 It  Daniel Whittaker
  Madly off in all Directions  Michele Perron
  Magic in the Moonlight   Dan Albro **Paartanz**
  Make it Up  Maggie Gallagher
  Make this Day  Rachel McEnaney
  Make you sweat  Ria Vos
  Makin' Tracks  Jo Thompson
  Making Waves  Max Perry, P.Metelnick, K.Hunyadi
  Makita  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Mamma Maria  Frank Trace
  Mardi-Gras Mambo  Chris Hodgson
  Margarita  Lana Wilson
  Margarita Cha  Cyndee Neel
  Mariana Mambo  Kate Sala
  Mars Attack  Rachel McEnaney
  Martini Moments  Francien Sittrop
  Maybe I Could  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Maybe Sometimes (Let It Go )   Tony Vassel & Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Mean Polka  Lee Easton
  Memphis Love  Vikki Morris 
  Messed up in Memphis  Dee Musk
  Mexicali  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Mexicana  Rob Fowler
  Mexican Cantina  Tina Argyle 
  Mexi-Fest  Intermediate
  Midland Cha  Tina Argyle
  Midnight In Memphis   Dan Albro ** Paartanz**
  Midnight Waltz  Jo Thompson
  Mini Mariana  Jan Welsh
  Miller Magic  Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila
  Mini Barrel  Niels Poulsen
  Mira Sofia  Carrie Ann Green 
  Mirror Cha Cha  Sean Lloyd
  Miss Congeniality   Julie Lockton  & Sebastian Hotland
  Miss Honky Tonk  Jeremie Tridon
  Missing   Heather Barton
  Mmm Bop  Kelly Kaylin
  Modern Romance  Kate Sala
  Mojo Rhythm  Rob Fowler
  Monterey Mama  SanDee Skelton
  Mony Mony  Maggie Gallagher
  Moonlight Kiss  Maggie Gallagher
  Movin' on Over  Rob Fowler
  Mr. Wonderful  Yvonne Zielonka
  Multiply  Paul McAdam
  Mustang Sally  Roy Verdonk
  My Bestie   Colin Ghys & Jose Miguel Veloque Vane
  My First Step  Barbara Hile
  My Greek No 1  Maria Rask
  My Maria  Mike Camara & Dan Albro
  My New Life  John Offermans
  My Pretty Belinda  Vikki Morris
> (zurück) < N Tanzname Choreograph
  Nancy Mulligan  Maggie Gallagher 
  Nathan's Wagon Doren Ollari & Randy Pelletier ** Paartanz **
  Never Be Alone  Yvonne Zielonka
  Never Gonna Break Your Heart  Gaye Teather
  Never Gonna Grow UP !  Gary O'Reilly
  Nights like This  Jenny Barten
  New Tattoo   Rob Holley
  Nimby  Maggie Gallagher
  Nossa Nossa  Yvonne Zielonka
  Not Fair  Gudrun Schneider
  Not Like That  Ashley Tisdale
  Nothing but Taillights  DJ Jan & Wynette Miller
  Nothing But You  Darren Bailey 
  Now Or Never  Kathy Hunyadi
> (zurück) < O Tanzname Choreograph
  Oee Oee O  Max Perry
  Offspring Waltz   Michele Burton
  Oh My Love  Darren Bailey ( Dec 2014)
  Oklahoma Swing  A.T. Kinson
  Old and Grey  Rob Fowler 
  Old Friend  Ed Lawton
  On the Road Again  Peter & Alison
  On The Water  Pete Harkness
  One Step Closer  Lee Hamilton 
  One Step Forward, Two Steps Back  Betty Wilson
  Open Book  Jo Thompson Szymanski
  Outside In  Diana Dawson
  Out & Jump  Rep Ghazali
  Overdrive  Rob Fowler
  Overload  Chris Cleevely
  Over The Moon  Stephen & Claire Rutter 
> (zurück) < P Tanzname Choreograph
  Paddy's Choir  Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
  Paradise Cha  Michelle & Mandy Bain
  Para Par Ti   Jun Andrizal
  Paris 98  Michel John
  Party For Two  Mick Herbert
  Peace Train  Julie Molkner
  Peppermit Twist  Jo Thompson Szymanski
  People Are Crazy  Gaye Teather
  People Are Good  Gary O'Reilly
  Pitter Patter  Derek Robinson
  Pizzirico  Dynomite Dot
  Please Behave  Gary Lafferty
** Neu ** Playboys  Karl-Harry Winson
  Pocket of Hearts  Maggie Gallagher
  Pontoon  Gail Smith (June 2012)
  Poor Boy Shuffle  Vicki E. Rader
  Por Ti Sere  Jo Thompson **Paartanz**
  Porushka Poranya  Gary Lafferty
  Pot of Gold  Liam Hrycan
  Pretend  Ed Lawton
  Pretty little Galway Girl  Hayley Wheatley 
  Princess Love Cha  Yvonne Zielonka
  Punishment  Daniel Whittaker
> (zurück) < Q Tanzname Choreograph
  Quanto when Quanto  Vera Fisher & Teresa
  Quarter After One  Levi J Hubbard
> (zurück) < R Tanzname Choreograph
  Raised Like that  Darren Bailey
  Rattlesnake Shake  Hillbilly Rick & Lovely Linda
  Razor Sharp  Steve Sunter
  Ready To Roll Baby  Kirsthen Hansen
  Red Hot Salsa  Christina Browne
  Reet Petit  The Lady in Black
  Reggae Cowboy  Choreograph unbekannt
** Neu ** Reunited!  Niels Poulsen
  Rhyme or Reason  Rachel McEnaney
  Ridin'  Dave Ingram
  Right on Sync  Jo & John Kinser
  Rio  Diana Lowery
  Rita's Waltz   Jo Thompson Szymanski **Paartanz**
  Rock Paper Scissor  Maggie Gallagher
  Rockin'  Anita McNab
  Rockin' Cha  Jo Thompson 
  Rodeo Crawl  Cindy Truelove
  Rocket to the Sun   Maddison Glover
  Rodeo Princess  Jo Thompson & Tim Szymanski **Paartanz**
  Roll in The Hay  Annie Corthsey
  Rollin' With The Flow  Darren Mitchell
  Rollin' with The Flow  John "Grrowler" Rowell
  Rolling in the Deep  Maggie Gallagher
  Roll With It  Yvonne Zielonka
  Rompin' Stompin'  Robert Royston
  Roots   Tina Argyle
  Rose-A-Lee  Preben Klitgaard
  Rosegarden  Jo Thompson
  Rose from the Sea  Rep Ghazali-Meany
  Rubitin  Maggie Gallagher
  Runaround Sue  Mark Cosenza
  Runaway Cha  Dee Musk 
> (zurück) < S Tanzname Choreograph
  Sangria Sun  Tina Argyle 
  Save the Day  Karl-Harry Winson 
  S.O.T.B (Sex on the Beach)  Tom Clarke
  Saturday Night Fever  Maggie Cadwell
  Scooby Snax  Chris Kumre
  Scrap It  Kathy K.
  Second Hand Heart  Maggie Gallagher 
  See-Saw Waltz  Jim & Judy Wells **Paartanz**
  Seminole Scuffle  Butch Walker **Paartanz**
  Senorita La-La-La  julia Wetzel
  Sexy Eyes  Gary O'Reilly
  Sexy Little Christmas Thang  Max Perry
  Sexy Night   Raymon Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen
  Shadow  Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz**
  Sha La La  Max Perry
  Shadows In The Night  Bobby Joe Meadows **Paartanz**
  Shakatak  Kate Sala
  Shalala  Dynamite Dot
  Shania's Moment  Nathan Easey
  She Believes  Kate Sala
  She's A Linedance Lady  Yvonne Zielonka-Hlousek
  Shiver and Shake  Scott Blevins
  Sho' Nuf  Jamie Davis
  Shoop, Shoop  Yvonne Zielonka
  Shoot the Ruster  Rob Fowler
  Shout Shout  Yvonne Zielonka
  Shouting To The Monsters  Niels Poulsen
  Show Me Wot U Got  Neville Fitzgerald
  Show Me Yours  Maggie Gallagher
  Side by Side  Patricia E Stott
  Simplicity Waltz  The Girls (Maureen & Michelle)
  Simply Irresistible  Alan, Jo, John, Robyn
  Simply Mambo  Val Myers
  Sin City Swing  Garry Lafferty
  Single White Female  Anita Ludlow
  Sixteen Step  Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz**
  Skiffle Times  Darren Baily
  Skinny Genes  Pat & Lizzie Stott
  Sleepy Eyes  Andrew & Sheila Palmer
  Slipped & Fell  Rob Fowler
  Slow Born  John Robinson & Kathy Hunyadi
  Slow Rain  Barry & Dari Anne Amato **Paartanz**
  Soft & Slow  Ed Lawton
  So Just Dance Dance Dance ! Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
** Neu ** Some Kind OF Wonderful  Gary O'Reilly
  Something in the Water  Niels Poulsen
  Something so Right  Emily Drinkall
  Southern Delight  Rosella Corsi and Fred Lord
  Speak to The Sky  Keith Davies
  Speak with Your Heart  Peter Metelnick & Alison
  Spotlight  Dee Musk
  Spring Rain  Michele Burton & Jo Thompson
  Squeeze Me In  Rob Fowler
  Stampede Strut  John Robinson
  Stand By Me Cha  Masters in Line
  Staring at the Moon  Kate Sala 
** Neu ** Starlights  Maggie Gallagher
  Start the Car  Tine Neale
  Starry Cha  Jan Brookfield
  Stay All Night  Jef Camps 
  Still Do  Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos 
  Sticks and Stones  Annie Saerens
  Stitches Amy Glass
  Stitch it Up  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Stomping it Out  Silke C. Henke
  Stop It!  Rob Fowler
  Stop Staring At My Eyes  Raymond Sarlemijn, Nils Poulsen 
  Story  Maddison Glover 
  Straighten Up  Liz Clarke
  Stray Cat (Adalida)  Choreograph unbekannt
  Stripes  Ria Vos 
  Stroll Along Cha Cha  Rodeo Cowboys
  Stuck Like Glue  Marlow Cooper & Susan Hunt
  Suds in the Bucket  Luke Craig
  Stomp Down  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  Stumbling In  Tina Argyle
  Sugar and Pai  Kelli Haugen
  Summer Fly  Geoffrey Rothwell
  Sunglasses  Pedro Machado
  Sunday Cha Cha   Kate Sala
  Sundown Swing   Darren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler
  Sunshine Polka  Jan Smith **Paartanz**
  Sunshine Shuffle  Rob Fowler
  Surprise in Vancouver  Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk
  Suzanne Suzanne   Hazel Pace **Paartanz**
  Swamp Thang  Max Perry
  Sweet About Me  Yvonne Zielonka
  Sweet little Dangerous  Pete Harkness
  Sweet Maria Rob Fowler
  Sweet Nothing  Jane Thorpe
  Sweet Surrender  Chris Hodgson
  Sweet Talk  Glynn Holt
  Swing Your Chains  Dee Soares & Shaun Maguire
  Swinging  Choreograph unbekannt
  Syncopated Rhythm  Rob u. Michelle Fowler
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  Tag On  David Villellas 
  Take A Back Road  Yvonne Zielonka
  Take a Breather  Maggie Gallegher
  Take Me Away  Sheila Allen
  Take Me To The River  Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren
  Tango Cha  Jo Thompson Szymanski
  Te Quiero Si  Yvonne Zielonka
  Telepathy  Chris Hodgson
  Tell The World  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Tender Hearts  Donna Marie Bilodeau **Paartanz**
  Tennessee Waltz Surprise  Andy Chumbley
  Texas Time  Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax
  Thank You  Tina Argyle 
  That Man  Doug & Jackie Miranda
  That's where I Belong  Maggie Gallagher
  The Bells of Liverpool  Audry Watson
  The Blarney Roses  Maggie Gallagher
  The Boat to Liverpool  Ross Brown
  The Bomp  Kim Ray
  The Flute  Maggie Gallagher
  The Galway Gathering  Maggie Gallagher
  The Grass between my Toes  Jason Drake
  The Hams Jam  Peter Metelnick
  The King and I  Christy Fox
  The L.O.V.E. Dance  Jan "Stray Cat" Brookfield
  The LaLa Dance  Will Bos and Roy Verdonk
  The Lemon Tree  Kim Ray
  The Long Way Home Marie Sørensen
  The Picnic Polka  David Paden
  The Queen  Remi Lemaire 
  The Scooch  Jo Thompson
  The Stomp  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  The Trail  Judy McDonald
  The Tulsa Shuffle  Kenneth Edwards **Paartanz**
  The World  Maggie Gallagher
  The Yellow And Green  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 
  Things  Gary Lafferty 
  Think of You  Gaye Teather & Phil Carpenter
  This & That  Gary Lafferty
  This Time  Yvonne Zielonka
  This Is Me  Yvonne Anderson
  Ticket to the Blues  Niels Poulsen
  Tijuana   Britt Beresik
  Til My Last Day Loving You  Yvonne Zielonka
** Neu ** Til You Can't  Gary O'Reilly
  Timber  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
  Time to Swing  Andrew & Sheila
  Toes  Rachel McEnaney
** Neu ** Tonight We Dance  Heather Barton
  Tracks-2-10-S-E  Chris Hodgson
  Travelin' Band  Yvonne Zielonka
** Neu ** Train Wreck  Niels Poulsen
  Trespassing  Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey
  Trick Me  Triple xXx Roy Verdonk, Raymond, Darren
  Trickle Trickle  Michael Barr & Michele Burton
  Tricky Moon  Kathy Hunyadi
  Triple Cross  Dan Albro **Paartanz**
  Tropical Breeze  Chris Hodgson
  Turbo Twang  James Gregory & Jean Garr
  Turning Tables ( For MY Daughter )   Maddison Glover & Tom Glover
  Turn Me Loose  Simon Ward
  Tush Push  Jim Ferrazzano
  Two Little Farmer  Mona Leth **Paartanz**
  Two Shots of Crown  Dan Albro **Paartanz**
> (zurück) < U Tanzname Choreograph
  Under the Sun  Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu
  Unlove Me  Maria Hennings
  Unpredictable  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Until The Dawn  Gary Lafferty 
  Urban Living  Val Myers
> (zurück) < V Tanzname Choreograph
  Venga Bus Shuffle  Kelvin Elvidge
  Vier Stunden Später  Yvonne Zielonka
  Voodoo Jive  Adrian Churm
> (zurück) < W Tanzname Choreograph
  Wade in the Water  Niels Poulsen 
  Wagon Wheel Rock  Nathan Carter
  Wakira  Maggie Gallagher
  Walk back To Me  Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs & Dan Albro
  Walk of Life  Rachel McEnaney
  Walk On  Mike Seurer
  Walkin' On Me  Scott Blevins
  Walking Away  Rachel McEnaney
  Walking Backwards  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Waltz Across Texas  Choreograph unbekannt
  Wandering Hearts  Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 
  Wanna Be Me  Ed Lawton
  Wasn't That A Party  Ros Brander Stephenson
  Watch Me Now !  Max Perry, Kathy & Barry& Dari
  Watching You  Margaret Swift
  Watermelon Crawl  Sue Lipscomb
  Waves Of Love   Gary O'Reilly
  Wave on Wave  Alan G. Birchall
  We Are The Same  Barry & Dari Anne Amato
** Neu ** We're Good to Go  Rob Fowler
  Weak in the Knees  Kathy Hunyadi
  We'll Be Dancing  Maggie Gallagher
  We Only Live Once  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Weekend Girl  Kate Sala
  What About You  Yvonne Zielonka
  When You Smile  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  Where The Wind Blows  Alison & Peter Metelnick
  Where wev'e Been  Lana Harvey Wilson
  Whirlwind Waltz  Rob Fowler
  Whiskeys Gone  Rob Fowler
  Whiskey Bridges  Maddison Glover
  White Rose  Gaye Teather
** Neu ** White Rose for Two  Ike & Virginia Po ** Paartanz **
  Who did you Call Darlin'  Kevin and Maria Smith
  Whole Again  Sue Johnstone
  Wishful Thinking  Jim O'Neill
  Willpower  Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Wintergreen  Maggie Gallagher
  With My Eyes On You   Jef Cambs
  With These Eyes  Darren Bailey & Niels Poulsen
  Without Fire  Karl-Harry Winson
  Woman Trouble  Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson
  Wonderful  Paul McAdam
  Work in Progress  Ed Lawton
  World For Two  Gary O'Reilly
  Wrap Around  Steve Holy
  Wrapped Around  Masters in Line
  Wrong Direction  Gudrun Schneider
  Wrong Night  Rita M Kyle
> (zurück) < X Tanzname Choreograph
  X-Out  Scott Lanius
> (zurück) < Y Tanzname Choreograph
  Yellow Blanket  Yvonne Zielonka
  Yolanda  Kate Sala & Robbie
  YOu Are The Reason Baby  Alison Johnstone
  You're So Naughty  Brian Holland
  YZ Cha (Give it Back)  Yvonne Zielonka
> (zurück) < Z Tanzname Choreograph
  Zyozzies Funk  Petra van der Velden